Book release in Togliatti

In July of this year in Togliatti (Russia) a new book was published by “NIKA” publishing company, honoring the famous people who was born or lived in Togliatti (scientists, musicians, writers, sportsmen, artists, etc.), and who actively worked on putting the rapidly growing city on the cultural or technical map of the Sovit Union and then Russia.

I was invited by the board of the city in 1972, and spent almost 18 years of my life in Togliatti, continuously working on developing the cultural and art-life of the rapidly growing city. I organized the Fine Art Foundation, later the Association of Creative Artists of Togliatti (still this is the only example of two Association in one region). On my initiation the city built its own fine art gallery and a number of art studios to lure new artists to Togliatti. With my help and contribution a unique art school was opened where pupils studied drawing, painting, sculpting, ceramics, gobelin tapestry, wood carving, photo art, acting, music and dancing. (I’ve also taught there). In 1987 I’ve organizied the first Russian stone-carving symposium, made 4 large brass reliefs for the war memorial of the city, and continuously exhibited my own works in different galleries and museums throughout the city. Honoring my work and the efforts I made during my stay in Togliatti I was also included in this book.

The title of the book is  – “История успеха” (The story of success).

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